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Partner Enablement

Partnerworks Program offers a rich set of training opportunities for sales and technical partners, online and instructor-led

クラウド Dynamic Security & Data Governance in HDP 2.5 with integration Apache Ranger & Apache Atlas (On-Demand)


University and On Demand Recordings

Other trainings

Hortonworks offers courses across the globe for developers, administrators, data science, and overview courses. These courses are offered to the public as well as partners and are fee based.


On-Demand Recordings

We have recorded deep technical events, offered online to broaden your Hadoop knowledge and build your HDP and HDF skills. The content includes Ambari, YARN, Spark, HDP Search, Operational Best Practices and more. The format of the on-demand recordings starts with an introduction of the content using slides followed by code examples and demos.

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Accreditations and Certifications

Accreditations and Certifications

Join an exclusive group of professions with demonstrated skills and the qualifications to prove it. Partners earn the Accreditation badge after taking the Architecture class and exam or the Sales class and exam. Partners earn Certification badges after taking certification exams. Show your badges proudly as recognized certified and accredited leaders in the field.


Accredited Sales Professional (HSP)

For partners who sell products and services that including Hadoop, HDP, HDF, Connected Data Platforms. Access the exam after taking the course. Learn more on the Partner Portal


Accredited Technical Sales Professional (HTSP)

For partners who architect Connected Data Platform solutions that include HDP and HDF and related solutions and services. Access the exam after taking the course. Learn more on the Partner Portal.


Earn Digital Badges

Hortonworks 認定プロフェッショナルは、取得した各認定のデジタルバッジを授与されます。履歴書、Likedin のプロフィール、メールの署名などに、ぜひバッジを表示してください。それぞれのバッジは、第三者デジタルバッジ認証プロバイダーの BadgeCert により発行、証明されています。

Hortonworks Community Connection

The Hortonworks Community Connection provides a platform for you to engage with peers, committers, contributors, and practitioners around the world. HCC is a great site to learn and get your technical questions answered. HCC provides forums, discussions, a Knowledge Base, Ideas and Articles, Meetups, and Github code gallery.