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Hadoop でデータアーキテクチャを最適化する方法

Recorded on March 17th, 2016

You may be up all night wondering how enterprise organizations deal with large data volumes and data varieties without significantly increasing costs. And perhaps your existing data architectures are not equipped to handle today’s data challenges? Join this webinar to learn how to optimize your data architecture and gain significant cost savings with Hadoop.

We will cover:

How to reduce storage costs by moving data into Hadoop
How to move ETL processing onto Hadoop
How to capture and refine new types of data


  • please can anyone send or update a word document for this, please let me know if anyone could or have a word document file for this demo

  • a word document would be great, pls provide that as soon it can happen, citing this to me urgent, will help me in for solutions, any great geek out there, please pass it on.

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